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Ars Magica

A large Saga archive, with character descriptions, bits of history, magic items, house rules, and resources.
Atlas Games / Trident, Inc.*
Black Mountain Covenant
A medium-sized Saga archive, with brief magi, comapnion, and grog descriptions, as well as some background.
Bradley University Roleplay Society Site
Canticle's Ars Magica Pages
This consists of four lines of text at the moment, but claims to be under construction.
Castellum Scopuli
The Cisalpin Tribunal
A medium sized Saga Archive, with brief covenant descriptions, a history of the Saga, House rules, and some other resources.
Coat Ar Bleizi.
The archive is quite big, and seems to have character and covenant descriptions and the like.
This is all in .dvi format (apart from the top page), so you will need another utility to view it.
The Concilium
The gateway page of the Deadfire Saga. A big Saga archive, with lots of email messages to and from the players, and a lot of graphics.
The Covenant of Domus Argenteus
A medium sized archive, with an alternate history for the Order as well as the usual covenant stuff.
Covenant of New Scotland
Formerly the Covenant of the Odyssey. This archive has a very thorough record of the course of the Saga, and some House Rules.
The Covenant of the Moonwoods
home of the Shifting Influence saga. Medium sized archive.
David Chart's Ars Magica Pages
Home of the Pessum Dare saga. A fairly small archive, with some house rules as well as Saga stuff.
Fairly small, with descriptions of covenant events dominating. Seems to have quite a few spoilers for published material.
Isla de Encanta (English), Isla de Incanta (French)
A small archive, that fits on one page.
John Kasab's Ars Magica web page
contains lots of neat information.
L'Etoile D'Argent Covenant
Big, with lots of event records, and not being updated, since the Saga has finished.
The Light in the Looking-Glass Saga.
This game is a selbstspiel set in the modern day, where Hermetic magic has only just been rediscovered. Small archive, with some house rules.
Lux ex Tenbris
Based on the Covenant in the adventure Twelfth Night, so beware of spoilers. Very small.
Lydia Leong's Ars Magica archive
Links to general Ars Magica information, links to medieval information, and notes on Pax Magica MUSH (a Mythic Europe/Ars Magica-based roleplaying MUSH).
Lydia Leong's Home Page
Contains links to several campaign backgrounds.
Lydia's new Archive
the new location for the archive and mailing list search engines. Lots of useful stuff lives here.
A big archive with fully written up characters and house rules.
more of Surge's Ars Magica stuff
Mythic Crossroads
This archive, among other things, is a Web version of the Berkeley archive.
Occulus Tempestatis
Medium sized, with House Rules. Also hosts the errata pages.
Pax Trinitas covenant
Project Redcap
Quercus Hermeticus
A very small archive, with some House Rules and a hypertext glossary.
The Rhein Tribunal
Sanctum Hermeticum
A slowly blossoming online Ars Magica fanzine.
Serpens Mundi Saga
formerly the Thule saga
Stormshaven Covenant
Stormwatch Covenant
Stuart Wilsdon's Ars Magica web page
Surge's Ars Magica stuff
You of the graphical browsers, beware. Quite a large archive.
A PBeM game run by Timothy Ferguson. Big archive (all the email from the game seems to be archived here), and according to the pages you can even join in the game.
The vast and wonderous library
Maintained by Althea of Merinita
Vespers Saga Archive
Fairly small, but with some general background about Russia.
Wizards of the Coast
Product updates, game homepages, email addresses, and other stuff. Considering recent developments, it's quite possible this link won't be here for long. I'll keep it as long as they continue to provide content relevant to RPGs, though it will no longer appear on the companies page.
woodelf's stuff
guidelines for high-fantasy using the Ars Magica system, and (eventually) Mythic Africa
Ars Magica list
original Ars Magica
ars-magica@csua.berkeley.edu. send "subscribe ars-magica <youremail" in the body to majordomo@csua.berkeley.edu.
WotC's Ars Magica
ars-magica-l@wizards.com. send "subscribe ars-magica-l <yourname" in the body to listserv@wizards.com.